Doing Backyards The Right Way

Doing Backyards The Right Way

Essentials of Building a Koi Pond

When it comes to making koi ponds, it is an interesting project and you get to be a pet owner in the end. A trip down history lane will show you many poets and even philosophers using the babbling of water and even the colorful fish in them as muse. Koi fish are very fragile and they used to require much dedication and patience to keep. There is plenty of practical advice and even admiration in the lovely communities the Koi aficionados form. Everyone can now take advantage of this feature thanks to modern technology. You ought to plan with the process and this involves setting your vision. The construction and maintenance of the pond will require dedication of money and time. To minimize wastage of the resources, you ought to double measure before cutting. Do not forget that it is this stage where your wants and needs on the appearance of the koi pond are defined and if there are any extra features you may want the pond to have then they should be discussed at this stage. So that you do not limit your option, ensure you have a number of plans and layouts.

Once your visions are clear, it is time to inspect the actual site where the pond will go. If you need healthy koi fish, the water has to be to a certain depth and there should be enough space for the fish to move around. They need sunlight for at least 4 hours each day and they should be living in clear waters. There will be a lot of debris for you to clean up daily if the pond is under the tree and the debris may also clog the filters. The accumulation of algae in small ponds is quite high. In larger ponds, there is more surface area for the water to move up and be cleaned. You need ponds that are at least 3 feet deep for the koi fish. Anything between 3-5 feet is fine. The depth allows for proper hibernation during the cold season. There is nothing wrong with digging deeper but you have to remember that it will increase the construction budget. You can minimize volume and maximize space. No matter how tricky you might think this is, it is quite essential. When the water is freely circulating, the fish will remain healthy. Include a moving element to aid in that. You can read more about this here.


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